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Running Two Whatsapp on Single Phone

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I have a dual sim phone and like most people whatsapp has been one of the permanent messaging apps on my phone, however I could only use one whatsapp number in my phone officially. Since, I wanted to keep my whatsapp for office use and personal use separate, I started looking for options to run two whatsapps on my dual sim phone.

Option #1 :

Requirements : Android Phone
Tested on : Rooted OnePlus 3T
APKs : GBWhatsapp & GBWhatsapp-Dual

I have a dual sim phone and I keep a sim for official calls and messages separate from my personal number. For having a proper work-life balance this is one way I follow and never share my personal number at my office. Now whatsapp has become an integral part of my daily life and since I wanted to protect my personal number, I was looking to run two whatsapp(s) on same phone to keep both conversations separate. I came across different solutions involving cloning of the app using "parallel space app" or something similar, but I preferred using GBWhatsapp method, firstly as it was a mod that added a little more features to it and I always install minimum apps.

The original link on XDA is , You will find any updates and support on the link mentioned above so do go through it and bookmark it. Read the installation instructions carefully and download both the APKs. Both Whatsapp will be installed in different folders "whatsapp" and "gbwhatsapp" but its better to back up all your media(to your computer) and back up chats. Then uninstall the version you are using and install the apks downloaded earlier, you can restore chats while installing the apks. Enjoy the modded features on two separate whatsapps.

Cons: GBWhatsapp dual version is 6.30 and hasn't been updated, so it has become updated now, this is one of the drawbacks in this method as both GBWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp Dual needs to be updated and the support for dual version isn't updated frequently. One more thing I noted that although the GBWhatsapp version supports "Payments", unfortunately i coundn't get it to work until I used an official version of whatsapp.

Note: You don't need a rooted phone for running both whatsapp on a single phone.

Option #2:
We are again using the GBWhatsapp (latest version 6.40/2.18.122) and the Official Whatsapp Version(2.18.230) for this.

First download GBWhatsapp latest version and install. Now go to play store and download Whatsapp official version separately. Set up both whatsapp with different numbers and you can now use both versions independently.

Pros: Latest versions of GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp are working! I can activate payments and use the UPI based payments in India.

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