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11:17 AMRishi Kumar

The point here is that ALL the PayPal Donation related tutorials are outdated and therefore this tutorial is the only tutorial at the time of writing this post, which guides you through the process of having a way to accept donations on your Blog or a Website.

First, you need to have a Premier or Business account. If you have a personal account, you can easily upgrade to one of these, after logging into your PayPal account page.

Here's how you create and customize your free PayPal Donate widget, to accept donations from your visitors. Go To and click on "create new widget" button (you need to login first to enable that button)

Customize Themes & Colors :  Click on any theme or color to select one, The live preview of the widget is on the right.

Add a title & Name your cause

Add the URL of the cover image that you want on your widget, this could be a logo or a relevant photo or illustration. You can also set Goals & Progress Optionally

Select the contribution amount that you want to recieve, minimum is $5

You can enter upto 1000 characters to describe why you are raising funds, also you can add the URL of your webpage

Post your widget Online - Select whether you want to post to a blogger blog or Get the HTML code and add to another blog or website.

If you want to add this as a blogger widget then select the blogger option and continue to add the widget on you blog as a page element on your selected blog

There you have it, with just a few clicks and effort, you can have a PayPal Donate widget on your blog that you can use to raise funds from your blog

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