Stop Content Thieves using Free DMCA Protection

11:21 AMRishi Kumar

If you are worried about your content being stolen on the web, Check out this service that might help, the free option has some limitations though, according to the homepage :

"..The DMCA .com Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and place a FREE DMCA .com Protection Badge on your website. Included in the Protection Service:

  • 1 FREE DMCA Takedown per year if your content is stolen.
  • 10% OFF all Professional Takedown services.
  • Protected page tracking through DMCA .com's secure Portal.
  • Huge selection of Protection Badges to choose from (Protection Badge catalogue).
  • Access to DMCA .com's comprehensive online Knowledge Base..."

Preview :

There are variety of choices to choose a "DMCA Protected" badge, with Wordpress and Blogger Widgets to install the badge easily.

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