How to add HTML/Scripts to blogger

11:10 AMWebmaster

Blogger users(XML LAYOUTS) can easily add HTML or JavaScript code to their blogger blogs. Here are the instructions to add HTML/Scripts to your blog :

Firstly, login to your blogger account, go to your dashboard, where you have to click the "Layout" link(beside the settings link) of your blog. make sure you are on the "page elements" sub-tab, where you can easily add and arrange page elements.

You will now add a gadget by clicking the "Add a Gadget" link

From the popup that appears, you can add many gadgets to your blog, this time we need to scroll down to the HTML/JavaScript option and click the "+" sign beside it to add it to your blog

This will open a final popup where you paste your code(HTML or JavaScript) under the "content" textarea. Give it a title on the title textbox and click the button to "save changes"

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  1. i don't get any choice for html or javascript, i only get a choice of widgets or mess with my template html. there is no popup box for inputting html for a paypal button code.

  2. same here. How to add html/javascript now? And how do I know if I am using classic template or xml template?

  3. @Bill Hung, It's easy to find out whether you are using classic template or xml template. Generally all blogs nowdays are XML one's, but to confirm just look at dashboard of your blogger, If you find a "layout" link beside your blog, you're using XML layouts or else if you find a "template" link you're using classic templates.

  4. @Webmaster, I see. I have the Layout button. I guess I was initially confused because under Layout->Pick New Template has the word "Template" in it.

  5. I tried to find the Add page Element but can not seem to find it. I am no a page Add and Arrange Page Elements", but do not see "ADD PAGE Elements" button. I want to add social bookmarks with this. Where can/do I find the "Add Page Element" button. It is not there. On my dashboard, i have a link called "Layout" than takes me to "Add Arrange Page Elements". The only thing I can add on this page are "Gadgets".
    Thank you for your assistance.

  6. Worked for me - thank you. Just need to find a page on customising my own template!

  7. That was wonderful.
    But is there a way for traking each post in a weblog separately?

  8. I am using classic template and i cannot find the add page element. please i need a help

  9. @Diasy Garcia, classic templates do not support "add page element", just convert your template into new XML layouts from your blog settings.

  10. Anonymous16.3.11

    Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

    Thanks again,

  11. Anonymous20.4.11

    thank you so much...this really helped!!
    :) i had been trying to put this license but was so confused as to where i was supposed to paste the code!

  12. Thank you, this was very helpful.

  13. thank u very much

  14. Anonymous14.6.11

    Thanks! This helped tremendously!


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