How to add paypal donate button to your blog

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PayPal, is an eBay Company,It enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online.

If you don't have a paypal account yet, you can get a free account

After you have your login ID/password,
Login to your account. Then click the "merchant services" tab

scroll down and on the right sidebar, find the box labelled key features, click on the link named "Donations"

After clicking on that link, you will taken to "Create paypal payment button" page, just make sure that donations is selected in the "Accept Payments for" dropdown box. You can type a name/id for this button

Down below you can customize your paypal button by selecting options like using smaller button, displaying credit card logos, changing language, currency, contribution amount or use your own graphic as a button.

Step 2 & 3 are optional and requires a business account, so leave them for now. and click on create button.

On the next page, copy the entire code from the textbox and paste it into your template of your website or blog, where you want it to appear. Congratulations! You have just added paypal donate button to your blog.

XML blogger users can paste this code by adding HTML/JavaScript gadget to their blogger blog.

(See the demo below)

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  1. Great! I'm going to try this! I was looking for information like this.

  2. OK but PayPal Donate for me implies that the money is going to a charity!

  3. thanks for the info.i'll add the button now

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  4. Fantasitc! I've been looking for something like this to stick on my new blog for a while.


  5. Great blog!! Thanks for the info!!
    Writing for Income

  6. Joseph8.7.08

    The button only appear if you add it in the page element. How about in the post? It is not visile? Is there anyway I can add button in the posts?

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  7. @Joseph, Of course you can add the paypal donate button on your individual posts, that's how I created the live demo on my post. The procedure for generating the paypal code is the same, then when you are creating a new post, you have to make sure that you are on the HTML mode(which will accept html data) and NOT the compose mode.

    Need my tutorial for that? let me know.

  8. I just have a part time job, and I am under financial pressure; so it would help me:

  9. Anonymous21.8.08

    Do u need a paid account to get this.
    Do they deduce any amount for it, i tried to set it up for my questions page

  10. I've try to add the Paypal buy now button into one of my blog, But when I click on the button, it pop up a message "The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons."
    Could Anyone please advice?

    Thank you

  11. that great... i planning to make 1 at my blog, but wonder does there any charges?

  12. when i try to add the button using the Html/Javascript gadget thing, a box appears on my blog, but no button?

  13. Thanks i was looking for this.I am going to add this to my please check my site and donate so that i can check whether it works or not.hahaha........

  14. Fantastic, thank you. Just what I was looking for.


  15. Anonymous16.5.09

    I have had no luck with it on my site

  16. Anonymous20.5.09

    AWESOME, It it was quick

  17. Thank you. I've been looking for a small added edge to monetize my that is not too spacious.

  18. good and very good article

  19. Anonymous12.9.09

    Can i Add the buttons to my webpage at

  20. @Anonymous, Yes of course, although this tutorial only shows how you can add this button to your blogspot blog, If you want to add to any website, you can get the code from paypal and paste to your website and it will work.

  21. Great I will try to add this on my blog..thanks for such a wonderful tip on how to do this.

  22. Anonymous1.11.09

    There is a software called web page maker. I have been using this on my site for quite some time. This gives an easy option of adding paypal buttton with a click of mouse. Try it

  23. Hi

    Can i implement google adsense in our blogs

  24. vivek2.6.10

    great article ,thanks for info

  25. When I add this button to my site, and users click on the donate button, the landing page shows my elail address which i dont want!? How can i add the button to not make my email appear please?

  26. this is a way useful information for bloggers i guess, now this would help me for my new Dj team that i've created.. thnx mate ;)

  27. Thanks, will add Paypal donate button soon.

  28. Thanks. I hope there some people who love to donate for my blogger template

  29. Nice article, I need this article to add paypal donate in my site.. thanks dude.. like this..

  30. great article ,thanks for info

  31. So if I have an account already set up, where exactly does the $$ go once someone donates?

  32. @Julie Sharon,
    Suppose If you set up a paypal a/c, then the donated amount is credited at your paypal a/c which can be used for online transactions(where paypal is supported) or you can request a cheque payment from paypal.


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