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Before actually starting to write a blog post, every blogger should know the term "Niche Blogging" and the first step of blogging starts with selecting the right niche for your blog.

Lets take an example here, Suppose you are passionate about cooking and want to write about various recipes. So, after a little brainstorming we conclude that since it is a food related blog we shall name it something as close as "food". Next we shall use the keyword tool of google

The keyword  research  for the word "food" reveals many related top keywords, here are some keywords with above 6,00,000 average monthly searches

chinese foods
whole foods
fast foods
food network

Ideally, you would want your blog to be listed on google, whenever anyone searches for these "key words", as your blog is closely related to the theme, however in practical life, your blog is outlisted due to the competition for the keywords you are targeting, you have to analyse deeply and focus on keywords which are tightly related to your blog and still has fewer competition. So further down the list, we find a keyword with around 90,500 average monthly searches, this is now your "niche"

"indian food"

If you do a google search for those keywords, you will find some top level domains using those keywords in their url, so it will be extremely difficult to outrank those sites. So we continue our research for other variations of those keywords, which would be easier to target for a higher ranking and would be narrow enough on specific topics to focus on writing a good quality and original post.

Here's some keywords we found through the keyword tool :

indian food recipes
traditional indian food
indian food made easy
indian street food
is indian food healthy
south indian food

Most of the keyword combinations here, are not listed as top level domain keywords(for now, thankfully!), so it would be a perfect topic to write about.

Spend some time on research of the topic, you'll see that the quality of your post depends on good research. Pictures and Videos are also helpful to add value to your post, if done correctly. Remember this tip :

"Keyword research leads to more new keywords to research..." - +Rishi Kumar

So, when you search the topic keywords on google, scroll down and you will find the searches related to the current keyword, that should help getting more keywords.

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  1. We are in the same boat. We are crating very low traffic. My blog is just above uour blog in traffic rating .

  2. Anonymous13.4.06

    The idea of your blog is inspired from the milliondollarhompage concept, however how many people want to advertise on the blogs directly? I would think that at least a top level domain is what they look for before the advertise.

    If you still get clients, I think you are doing great.

  3. The idea isn't my brainchild. Although it might sound like a clone of million dollar homepage, but my idea was to keep the expenses to $0. It really isn't much profitable to get advertisers on the blog. You are right that they would seek at least a top level domain where they can advertise. It still isnt bad as Iam not loosing any money or seep over this.

  4. As Suggested by one of our readers, We did get a top level domain eventually.

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